We are experiencing many inquires about the Fraternal Order of Police, probably due to the latest court decision (Janus vs. AFSCME). https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/17pdf/16-1466_2b3j.pdf
For FOP/Silicon Valley Lodge 52 application go to: https://siliconvalleyfop.org/application/  We are in the process of updating/upgrading this website, however, this will allow you to get an FOP membership identification number and enroll you in FOP.  The cost is $20 for actives and $10 for retirees.  This will allow access to LDF and LTD (separate fees) depending on what you may want.
Be sure and check out the FOP/State link at http://www.cafop.org the FOP/National links  https://www.fop.net/  and http://www.foplegal.com/ for detailed information on LDF and policy coverage's.
Once you have the FOP membership ID number, you can enroll in the specific plans if interested. Enrollment and payment for LDF (and specific benefit plans) are made separately, depending on what you may want and LDF is a flat rate vs. usage fee structure (you may currently have now).  The prices are competitive as you will see.  Our local attorneys are Lou Silver and Chris Miller for LDF.  There are also possibilities of other attorneys if they submit an application to FOP/LDF and also other out-of-plan attorneys (with some fee limitations). 
We are not encouraging anyone to leave or withdraw from your current associations and I'm sure you realize we are not a bargaining unit for contract negotiations, but we are an additional resource for those interested, however.
Hope this helps.
---Bob Gallardo, President
   Silicon Valley FOP/Lodge 52

The "moonlighting" plan only applies to full time officers and is separate from the FOP/LDF plan. 

HR218 CCW coverage is for active and retired officers but does not include private security work for example. 


HR-218 is the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004. It exempts active and retired law enforcement officers with firearm certification credentials from local laws (with some exceptions) prohibiting concealed firearms.
FOP Legal Defense Plan offers HR-218 coverage for FOP active and retired law enforcement officers. Legal defense coverage will be provided for civil or criminal claims associated with HR-218. The annual coverage limit is $25,000 at a cost of $50 per participant.
If you are an active officer covered by the FOP Legal Defense Plan, coverage for the HR-218 is automatically included. Retired officers are not eligible for participation in the FOP Legal Defense Plan, and therefore would need to purchase HR-218 coverage separately from the Plan.
To submit an HR-218 Application, please fill out the form at the link below. You will receive your ID card, plan booklet and certificate of participation within 30 days after the approval of your application.
For immediate assistance, please contact us at 800-341-6038 or info@foplegal.com.

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