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Fraternal Order of Police Silicon Valley Lodge 52

I want to welcome you to Silicon Valley Lodge 52 of the Fraternal Order of Police. Locally, we are an organization of law enforcement professionals from different departments throughout the Santa Clara Valley. Nationally, the Fraternal Order of Police has become the largest professional police organization in the country with over 330,000 members. Our focus is to represent and advocate for you, to be your voice in an ever changing world. We also seek to develop respectful relationships through community outreach events while having a balanced political climate that frequently has a direct impact on the work we do.

All of our Lodge 52 board members are either active or retired law enforcement professionals who know and have experienced the personal sacrifices made. We see the continual oversight issues, court decisions that seemingly hinder rather than help, and policies/procedures that may seem insensitive or non-responsive to the situation. We also know the rewards of serving the public in a profession that grows more difficult each day.

The FOP provides many advantages for members such as: flat-rate legal defense plans, benefits and insurance programs, free college associate degree programs, legislative representation, political action, and law enforcement representation/training. We have also helped members through our benevolent efforts when tragedy unexpectedly strikes. We shave access and ability to use the FOP/State “class A” mobile food canteen that you may have seen at disaster scenes or community events.

Our focus is to work with all law enforcement organizations from a position of strength and unity towards common goals, especially when in regards to legislative proposals. This may be accomplished locally, statewide, or even at the federal level. The fact that you now have the right and ability for CCW across state lines is a direct result of our national efforts in developing HR218 (Law Enforcement Officer’s Safety Act/LEOSA). I urge you to explore the FOP/National website ( for much more information and benefits available to you.

We are continuously evolving and growing and never satisfied to rest on accomplishments. If you are already a member, we appreciate it and thank you. If you are not a current member, we encourage you to apply/renew online.


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Robert Gallardo
President Lodge 52, FOP/State Trustee