- Who We Are -

Fraternal Order of Police, Silicon Valley Lodge 52 is dedicated to promoting and protecting members’ rights through strong representation, constantly working towards improving their safety and quality of life. Lodge 52 members work to improve their local community through volunteer support and financial assistance.

Lodge 52 was founded upon a foundation of unity, integrity and leadership. We are an active participant in law enforcement labor issues on the local, state and national levels.

Nationally, the Fraternal Order of Police has become the largest professional police organization in the country with over 330,000 members. Locally, Silicon Valley Lodge 52 is an organization of law enforcement professionals, both active and retired from different departments throughout Santa Clara County.

We represent and advocate for local police officers in a variety of ways. Frequently this means having a strong legislative voice by supporting legislation that allows the police to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. We offer legal assistance and representation when needed, we help families of law enforcement officers and we provide access to educational incentives/training and other benefits as yet another resource.

Another fundamental goal is our commitment to strengthening our relationships with the community. This has been achieved through benevolent community events, crime prevention and public safety presentations and other events throughout the year. A new FOP mobile food kitchen for disaster scenes and community events is available and has been utilized throughout the state.

Our remembrance and observance of officers killed in the line of duty nationally (148 and 27 police canines in 2018 alone) is a community involved presentation and tribute. Our Fallen Officer Memorial Christmas Tree program is our way of honoring fallen officers and police canines, while bringing focus and perspective to those that have paid the ultimate price.